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Top party and government figures in the province were present at the visit/Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Non-compliance detected during comprehensive visit to Majagua

The difficulties detected in the municipality of Majagua during the comprehensive visit that the current system of work in direct contact with the population, developed by the party leadership and the governing body in this province of Ciego de Avila, amounted to 238.

In the conclusions held in the areas of the 5 de Septiembre Educational Institution of the micro district of the head town, Julio Heriberto Gómez Casanova, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the highest political organisation, and the governor Alfre Menéndez Pérez, specified that this modality surpasses the plenary meetings that were previously held.

The visit covered the districts of the five Popular Councils where the members of the commissions visited institutions, talked with the inhabitants of different ages and were able to determine that the majority of the difficulties detected could be resolved by the municipality itself in less than 72 hours.

Among the aspects pointed out was the need to increase epidemiological surveillance, taking into account that fever symptoms first detected in the locality of Orlando González, have already spread to other settlements such as Guayacanes and Majagua.

Also in this area, the lack of supplies in the storage markets, the existence of three business units in the commerce sector with losses and non-compliance in important productive sectors such as tomatoes, bananas, melons, meat and milk were also revealed.

Similarly, during the inspection analysis, it became clear that a group of students from the locality of Derramadero who study in Limones Palmero, people who require economic assistance, difficulties with the tartars in the Mamonal bakery, aspects related to the banking system in a group of entities and by self-employed workers, as well as the lack of management by some administrative officials, were also highlighted.

The comprehensive visit to the southwest of Avila concluded with the commitment of all the factors that were pointed out to comply with the guidelines and to be in better conditions for the next meeting in three months’ time.

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