En este momento estás viendo Chambas educators ready to celebrate their day

Chambas educators ready to celebrate their day

The encouragement and recognition to the workers of the educational sector in Chambas, is the main objective of the municipal act that will take place this Tuesday at the basic secondary school «Vietnam Heroico» of the locality Las Piedras, belonging to the Popular Council of Mabuya.

Armando Fonseca Balmaseda, artistic education advisor, said that during the event, the Medal for Cuban Education and the «Teacher for the Homeland» diplomas will be awarded, in addition to recognitions for the dedication to the formation of the new man and for the contribution to the artistic culture and the appreciation of the arts in the new generations.

Fonseca Balmaseda added that it will be the ideal moment to distinguish also those who have been reinstated to the sector, the best teacher of the Turquino-Bamburanao Plan and those who gave their all to achieve the continuity of studies for one hundred percent of the students. (By: Frank Rodríguez Milián)

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