En este momento estás viendo Cuba prioritizes job creation and youth protection

Cuba prioritizes job creation and youth protection

Cuba today gives high priority to the development of actions to promote employment and care for young people who study or work and live in families in vulnerable conditions.

According to the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Marta Elena Feitó, these efforts are part of the Policy for the Integral Attention of Children, Adolescents and Youth in Cuba, approved last July by the National Assembly of People’s Power.

In statements to the press the day before, after a meeting headed by President Miguel Díaz-Canel to check this initiative, the official pointed out that the focus of these actions is the search for transformation and not welfare.

She pointed out that more than 60 percent of the people who accessed the job offers last year were young people, a trend that, she said, also marked the participation in the training courses, with a figure of more than 62 percent of Cubans in this age group.

It is a modality that we will continue working and strengthening in the next period, he said at the meeting held at the Palace of the Revolution (seat of the Executive).

According to the Cuban Presidency on its website, Feitó highlighted the survey carried out by the University Student Federation in Higher Education institutions to identify young people with families in vulnerable situations, and the rescue of those who have abandoned their studies.

Other actions to be implemented have as their main focus students who seek alternatives to achieve economic income during the period in which they are studying their specialties, mostly in jobs not related to the profiles of the careers in which they are trained, he added.

Feitó also commented that the strategy should be aimed at carrying out different actions to incorporate this force to jobs related to their profiles and thus take advantage of their talent and training in higher-qualified jobs.

He also pointed out that the Maternity Law Decree for working women, approved last year, includes the protection of mothers at an early age who are studying, and contemplates the right to receive all the benefits included in the legal norm.

She pointed out that it is also a priority to address the issue of young people in informal jobs, where, according to the Minister, there is not always all the protection and guarantees for the exercise of the work they perform, which requires continuing to deepen in this matter, which also includes employers.

In this regard, she indicated that all persons working in this way must demand a formalization of their work situation.

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