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U.S. immigration policy towards Cuba considered as incoherent

Cuban-American lawyer José Pertierra considered as incoherent the recent measures announced by U.S. President Joe Biden on irregular migration, when the Cuban Adjustment Act (1966) is still in force today.

In declarations to national television last night, the jurist explained that the Biden administration’s program has the explicit purpose of discouraging the illegal migration of Cubans to the United States.

He indicated that according to figures released by Washington in fiscal year 2022 more than 213 thousand residents of the largest Antillean island entered the northern nation illegally.

Pertierra pointed out that the United States intends to allow a limited number of Cubans to enter the country under the so-called parole process, but at the same time those who do not qualify will be expelled.

However, he stressed, it is an inconsistent decision, since «Cubans continue to have a privileged position with respect to other migrants, because once in the United States the Cuban Adjustment Act allows them to apply for permanent residency after a year and a day».

In this sense, Pertierra considered that after this news it is possible that the United States «will review the sanctions it has applied to the Caribbean nation and the Cuban Adjustment Act».

He pointed out that the justification for the migratory program is due to the fact that the U.S. national security itself indicated that the country requires limitations in the immigration of undocumented immigrants from Cuba and recognized as causes of its increase the inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic and the sanctions applied by Washington against Havana.

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