En este momento estás viendo Health Union will lead Labor Day parade in Majagua
More than 460 members of the Health Union will participate in the parade/Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Health Union will lead Labor Day parade in Majagua

In recognition of their union results and work fronts, the members of the health union in the municipality of Majagua will be in charge of leading the May Day proletarian parade.

Verónica Cervantes Morejón, General Secretary of the Union Bureau of said sector, said that in salute to the date these women and men dedicated a group of tasks among which are sports events, the delivery of recognitions to outstanding workers and departments, health days, the fulfillment of the contributions for the defense of the Homeland and actions of cleaning, beautification and sanitation.

The same source argued that of the more than 460 members of the above mentioned union, a part of them, due to their work centers located in rural areas, participate in the acts which, on this date, are carried out at the request of the districts, and that the rest, except those who render service on that day, will parade from Independencia Street to 26 de Julio Square.

Regarding the parade for the International Workers’ Day, Cervantes Morejon said that retaining the first place in the emulation will be in correspondence with the colorfulness, the massiveness and the initiatives.

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