En este momento estás viendo The XI Municipal Assembly of the FMC takes place in Chambas

The XI Municipal Assembly of the FMC takes place in Chambas

Consolidating the operation at the base level was an idea reiterated in the XI Congress Assembly of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in the Avilanian municipality of Chambas.

The attending delegates referred to the need to achieve greater incorporation into the ranks of the FMC that reaches at least 90%. Another aspect discussed was the community and multisectoral prevention of gender violence, something in which the work of the Women and Families Guidance House, as well as timely reporting, is decisive.

Some women alluded to the importance of joining productive work in the countryside, in the midst of a complex economic scenario at the national level. Likewise, they reflected on the revitalization of social work in each Popular Council, as an ideal mechanism to reduce the negative impact of problems such as disengagement from study and pregnancy in adolescence.

The 100 delegates re-elected Elizabeth Pérez Corvea to the position of general secretary of the FMC and determined the other members of the secretariat and the municipal committee. Likewise, the four pre-candidates for the XI Congress of the organization were selected, and the 16 women who will attend the Provincial Assembly.

The closing words were given by Yudelkis Gutiérrez Pestano, member of the Municipal Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), and who addresses the political-ideological sphere. (Yaimer Mujica Pérez)

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