En este momento estás viendo XIV International Congress on Higher Education to be held in Cuba

XIV International Congress on Higher Education to be held in Cuba

Cuba is getting ready today to host the XIV International Congress on Higher Education from February 5 to 9, a vital space to reflect on its role in social transformation.

Convened by Cuba’s Ministry of Higher Education (MES), the event will be held in the capital’s Palacio de Convenciones, and will also be an opportunity to discuss the responsibilities of this level of education in the evolution of nations, mainly in the economic, socio-cultural and environmental fields.

According to the invitation, the conclave will include in its scientific program forums related to the Sustainable Development Goals and their relationship with higher education.

They will also address the future of higher education in the Latin American and Caribbean context, as well as issues related to knowledge, innovation and sustainable territorial development.

Under the theme «Higher education of the future: social transformation, quality, relevance and sustainability», a meeting of ministers and authorities of this level of study is also planned.

The presentation of papers for the Congress will be organized around seven symposia, in which the Workshops and Special Activities will be grouped.

The meeting will serve to consolidate the link with society in order to find more effective and innovative solutions to the problems of each country and thus ensure inclusive and quality education, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The call endorses higher education as a public and social good, a universal human right, and a duty of States.

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