En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Ávila exceeds its net sales
Photo Damian Betanzos Hernandez

Ciego de Ávila exceeds its net sales

During the first semester of the current year, Ciego de Ávila exceeds net sales by 10.7 percent, a figure that represents more than 730 million pesos above forecast.

Until the month of June, this central province executes some 7 thousand 947 million pesos, even though some twenty companies fail to comply with what was planned.

The foregoing transpired in the Provincial Council of the People’s Power Government of Ciego de Ávila, during which Iliana Venegas Acosta, Provincial Director of Economy and Planning, also referred to exports, profits and losses.

Regarding the analysis of exports, the productive chains and the use of airports and seaports for such an important activity was analyzed.

So far this year, Ciego de Ávila complies with the main indicators of the business system, including municipal self-sufficiency and retail mercantile circulation.

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