En este momento estás viendo Summer 2022 closes in Morón with style

Summer 2022 closes in Morón with style

A varied program of activities marked the culmination of Summer 2022 in the municipality of Morón, with the main venue in the area of Martí Park, in the center of the city, and a large number of people of all ages.

The D’Morón Theater Company, the Halium Circus, as well as an artistic brigade dedicated to talented children from the Haydee Santamaría House of Culture, brought talent and passion to the first part of the day.

The sports sector also developed activities for children and adolescents, which included chess games and other attractions.

Saturday afternoon was reserved for a musical revue with the presentations of different local artists, among whom Alisney Torres, Lázaro Rojas, while the group Geiser, the Decade’s music group, was in charge of the closing.

There was Foam Night with multiple attractions, while during the day the communities received the Guerrilla Cultura, the D’Morón Theater Company and the Project Looking to the Future, as well as the cultural promoters.

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