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Solidarity with Cuba ratified in Iran

Friendship groups and Cubans living in Iran today ratified their solidarity with the island during a meeting with President Miguel Diaz-Canel, during his visit to Tehran.
The Cuban president, for his part, reaffirmed his country’s gratitude and respect for the members of the Cuba solidarity groups in the Persian country.

In reviewing the difficulties faced by Cuba and how solidarity has helped Cubans to overcome so many difficulties, he expressed his gratitude to those who, from all over the world, feel Cuba as their home and as a paradigm of independence.

During the meeting, painters, artists, poets, political and religious scholars welcomed the Cuban president and congratulated him on the signing of contracts with Iran, while they asked him to join efforts to create a great anti-imperialist bastion to prevent massacres like the one committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

In this sense, the Antillean president remarked that there are still many battles to be fought in favor of the welfare of the peoples and that in the same way we are in solidarity among ourselves, we must also be in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers, and work from all political fronts to demand the recognition of the State of Palestine.

Shaykh Ali Akbar, one of the representatives of the Iranian religious community in solidarity with Cuba, praised how a country small in territory, managed to become an example of help to the neediest around the world, bringing and sharing the knowledge of its doctors and scientists.

Díaz-Canel received from the hands of solidarity several gift paintings allegorical to the Cuban revolution, created by various artists in salute to the 65th anniversary of the triumph of January 1959.

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