En este momento estás viendo Solidarity from Ciego de Ávila reaches western Cuba
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Solidarity from Ciego de Ávila reaches western Cuba

Solidarity among Cubans is manifested in various ways and one of them is the shipment of agricultural food from Ciego de Ávila to Pinar del Rio, the province that received the brunt of Hurricane Ian.

For the second time, 120 tons of foodstuffs, vegetables and grains were sent to Pinar del Río, which will undoubtedly contribute to the sustenance of the families, since the hydro-meteorological phenomenon hit everything in its path.

Yadier Pérez Téllez, coordinator of programs of the provincial government, explained to digital Invasor that in recent days, the Collection Company organized a similar load.

The website also stated that the donations also include linen and household items, collected by the different organizations in the 10 municipalities of the province.

As the days go by, more people, workplaces, mass organizations and associations, such as the Economists’ and Journalists’ Associations, which receive donations at their headquarters, are joining this initiative, said Invasor.

Etecsa, Copextel and Joven Club have prepared suitcases, and workers of several hotel facilities of the Jardines del Rey tourist pole gathered clothes, toiletries and other basic necessities.

Ciego de Ávila solidarity towards the affected territories is also expressed by the presence of workers from the electric company and Etecsa, who are collaborating in the reestablishment of the networks in the shortest possible time.

Two groups specialized in the assembly of cultivation houses, belonging to the Vegetable Production Enterprise Unit, of the Agro-industrial Company Ceballos, and cooperators from the poultry and forestry entities, as well as a delegation with donations from the Construction Material Company, also traveled to the affected areas.

Kaled Cruz Cobo, technical director of Avilanian Electricity Company and one of the leaders of the contingent, told the Cuban News Agency (ACN) by telephone that after supporting the recovery of the service in Havana, they went to the municipality of San Juan y Martínez, in Pinar del Río.

He specified that they are taking into account a municipality with 50 or 60 percent of affectation, so there is work for no less than a month and they will do it with the utmost professionalism because the electricians «know the importance of the rehabilitation as soon as possible of such a vital service as this one».

In the last few hours, another reinforcement group of linemen and electrical workers was added with the aim of accelerating the recovery in the western province.

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