En este momento estás viendo Repair work at the Casa de la Cultura in Morón on 26 July

Repair work at the Casa de la Cultura in Morón on 26 July

The Haydee Santamaría Cuadrado House of Culture in the city of Morón, Avileña de Morón, was reopened in Morón, after a process of repair and maintenance, especially on the first floor.
The institution will reopen with a renewed external image and with the comfort of its interior spaces restored.

Painting, renovation of hydraulic, sanitary and electrical networks and the replacement of part of its furniture are among the works already completed as a greeting to the 26th.

In the Summer Mode stage, the House of Culture of the City of the Rooster plays a fundamental role, as it controls and programmes the Movement of Amateur Artists and is in charge of a good part of the summer initiatives, always linked to the different manifestations of art.

Galas, festivals, roundtables and gatherings are just some of the options that the Casa de la Cultura Moronense will offer once it reopens during the festivities for the Assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Barracks in the province of Avila. (By Eldy Mariño Córdova)

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