En este momento estás viendo November in Majagua with bicolor shield and sword
Young people guarantee the continuity of traditions/Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

November in Majagua with bicolor shield and sword

After two years that November in Majagua passed without the healthy contagion of its traditions reflected in the colors blue and red, this time the fresh breeze typical of the time of the year is encouraging.

For several weeks now, the afternoons and evenings here have acquired different shades since the beginning of the rehearsals and the momentum that is generated in each space of preparation of the troupes moves all around.

What soul and what feet can resist the music and the refrains of «Anda Pepe» or «Doña Joaquina ponte en vela»? Can anyone be indifferent to the presence of infants who do not raise two quarters of the floor and already move their little bodies as faithful followers of the legacy left to us by Pedro García Méndez?

Although the date fixed for the development of the fortieth day of the culture of Majagua is from November 10 to 13, in what home of this blue and red locality is there no talk of flags?  Adults who expose their experiences, young people who follow them, mothers and fathers who readjust their duties to take their children to receive the guidance of art instructors and cultural promoters.

Even the unpleasant blackouts have less repercussion, due to the alternatives created to take advantage of the time in the performance of other actions that also contribute to keep alive the enthusiasm that gave giant steps before the news that this year Majagua after the control of the COVID-19 would return to dress its bicolor costume.

The fact of having been informed that the presentation of the shows conceived by the management of both sides would be made without the usual notes of a jury that has the difficult mission of announcing the winner of the year, the competition does not lose life and brightness for the colorful, creativity and to lay solid foundations for future confrontations is the purpose of each participant.

Go ahead blues and reds, reds and blues, that on the night of Saturday, November 12, the wide stage of the Pista Joven is yours, with bicolor shield and sword in defense of the culture and for the good of the nation.

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