En este momento estás viendo Livestock Company Turiguanó in pursuit of higher goals

Livestock Company Turiguanó in pursuit of higher goals

The Turiguanó genetic livestock company, an entity nestled in the north of the Avilanian municipality of Morón, has a great significance for all the residents of that area, due to the results that it has obtained throughout its 46 years of life and the value that it is It provides the fact of having the greatest herd of the Santa Gertrudis race of Cuba.

This was confirmed by Luis Alberto Nieves Surí, general director of this livestock enclave, who said that the company has enormous stability in its workforce by having workers who have been linked to it for more than 25 years, showing love to everything they do as a sign of its sense of belonging.

The leader added that for the community of Turiguanó the company is part of its history and the idiosyncrasy of its people, especially because it means having a unique livestock mass in the country, which has been preserved since its introduction in the largest of Antilles, many times in adverse conditions.

Hence the relevance of the Turiguanó genetic livestock company for Morón, the province and the country, being an entity that works in favor of Cuban economic and social development, and that must contribute to the economic recovery of Cuba while increasing its Contribution in the conquest of our food sovereignty.

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