En este momento estás viendo Majagua ready for the Ministry of Agriculture’s national census
Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Majagua ready for the Ministry of Agriculture’s national census

The municipality of Majagua has the conditions created for the integral census of land and livestock mass, which will be carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture throughout the country starting March 1st.

Lidierky Rodríguez Torres, Sub-delegate of the agricultural activity in the southwest of the province, said that, as part of the preparation to undertake the task, the personnel responsible for its execution was trained through seminars given at the provincial and municipal levels.

The same source said that the nine commissions required to carry out the more than 1,000 visits planned were also formed, working groups made up of representatives of the Ministry itself, together with officials of the National Institute of Urban Land Management INOTU, as well as the National Association of Small Farmers ANAP and the livestock and land registries.

He added that the inspection to be carried out during three months is aimed at verifying the possession, use and legality of land and livestock, so it covers all natural and legal owners, based on what has been declared in the existing controls.

The national census will also make it possible to detect the existence of unlegalized property, out-of-date documents, the presence of workers in the fields without an official contract or farmer’s card, the physical condition of the land and the exact number of head of cattle.

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