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Maintenance and repair of electro-medical equipment guaranteed

The workers of the Territorial Center of Electro-medicine, an entity located in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, offer various services that guarantee the maintenance and repair of the electromedical equipment used in the different health institutions of the territory.

According to statements by Josué Alejandro Morales Traba, a specialist at this center, the benefits include teaching to students who need it, in collaboration with the Morón Medical Sciences Faculty, and their work practices, an effective way to bring the student closer to his future as a worker.

Other relevant aspects within this center of the Morón health system are innovation and rationalization through which a considerable amount of foreign currency is saved for the country, and participation in medical missions as a sign of solidarity that characterizes the cuban people.

Electromedicine or Clinical Engineering is the branch of science that is responsible for the development, application, maintenance and management of medical equipment, facilities and accessories used in the health system, and Morón has one of the few centers that in Ciego de Ávila offer this service. (Written by Llamil Ruiz González)

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