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Farmers in Cuba are committed to producing more and reducing imports

The cooperative and peasant sector of Cuba will plant the largest amount of the 470 thousand hectares of various crops planned in the cold season, which today contributes to reducing food imports.

That commitment was ratified the day before by the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) during a plenary session of the organization that debated the urgency of producing more agricultural products to lower their prices.

According to a television report, the Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), Roberto Morales, led the meeting and demanded that the collective intelligence of that union be deployed to reverse the current economic situation.

Likewise, Morales called for the efficient use of the resources that the Caribbean country will have for the agricultural sector, addressing the need for the basic food basket to be assumed with more national production and not depend on imports.

The ANAP plenary session also urged efficient use of the lands that the Ministry of Agriculture gave in usufruct to farmers and cooperative members, as well as proper control of harvests.

At another point in the meeting, led by Rafael Santisteban, president of that peasant organization, it was demanded that surveillance be increased in agricultural and livestock areas to more effectively confront criminal activity in the productive bases.

In this purpose, there was consensus that prevention is essential to stop criminal chains that reduce the collection of agricultural products and livestock meat, an issue that affects the farmer, his family and the population in general.

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