En este momento estás viendo Israel accused of committing crimes against humanity in Gaza

Israel accused of committing crimes against humanity in Gaza

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry today accused Israel of committing crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip, where more than 20,000 people are reported dead and 52,000 wounded since October 7.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants criticized in a statement the continued impunity of that country in the face of the international community’s failure to end the aggression.

It stated that the inability of the competent international courts to judge Israel «undermines any credibility of justice and makes it lose all practical value».

The Israeli army murders Palestinians in cold blood before the eyes of the world, the text questioned.

What is happening in Gaza is a clear reflection of the denial by the authorities of that country of the existence and the right to life of the Palestinian people, it stressed.

The Foreign Ministry questioned the «colonial and racist culture that has come to dominate the centers of decision-making in the occupying power».

We condemn the massacres and crimes in all their forms, the Ministry stressed.

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