Improvisational poet Michel Ruiz Espinosa passed away in Ciego de Ávila


Emblematic figure of Radio Surco’s Guataque Cubano, the outstanding improvising poet Michel Ruiz Espinosa passed away this Monday in Ciego de Ávila, at the age of 43.

Belonging to the Catalog of Excellence of the Music and Entertainment Company, Musicávila, Ruiz Espinosa developed since his childhood his talent for improvisation, accompanying most of the peasant groups of the territory and the country.

Armando Alfonso Padilla, Armando López Rondón, Gualberto Domínguez and the young Rainer Nodal are among the avilanian improvising poets who regret his sudden death because of the void that his loss leaves for the improvised verse in the avilanian culture.

Michel Ruiz Espinosa was the son of the late singer of Parranda Guajira, Candido Ruiz, who as a child taught him his love for the musical and oral traditions of the Cuban peasantry.

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