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Ecotourism incentivized at crocodile hatchery

The progressive increase in the number of international visitors, mostly from countries such as Canada and Russia, points to the gradual recovery of nature tourism at the Crocodile Farm in the Avileño territory of Morón.

Arley Romo Lopez, in charge of that center, told the Cuban News Agency that they have received in the current year more than three thousand clients, arriving from the Jardines del Rey tourist destination and motivated by the work they do to reproduce and conserve the American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus), as well as the possibility of acquiring knowledge and interacting with those reptiles in their different stages of development.

Through a tour guide, they explain to the clients the work they carry out at the hatchery and the treatment they give to the animals, including others such as jicoteas and hutias, which are incorporated to a lesser extent to the reproduction work, so that they also contribute to the conservation of these species of fauna.

Tourists also learn about the efforts to protect the lives of animals that have been rescued after being damaged in their natural environment as a result of accidents and extreme hydro-meteorological phenomena.

Among the latter is the flamingo known as Paco, which they saved after the passage of Hurricane Irma in 2017 and remains in the care of the workers, who emphasized that it represents a unique attraction for visitors, being the first to receive them and interact with them during their stay.

In the center there are gastronomic offers, in an enabled ranchón, with possibilities to consume light food and taste exquisite dishes of Cuban and international cuisines.

The implementation of a survey system has allowed them to corroborate the high level of customer satisfaction, he said.

Romo López said that the main purpose of the center is to breed crocodiles, but they also carry out environmental education activities with foreign and national visitors, in order to raise their awareness so that they participate in the protection of crocodiles and other animals that inhabit the planet.

As an entity promoting nature tourism and allied to most of the travel agencies operating in Jardines del Rey, the Morón Crocodile Farm will participate in the XLII International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2024), to be held in that tourist enclave, from May 2 to 5. (Written by Román Romero López)

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