En este momento estás viendo Cuba celebrates world proletariat day

Cuba celebrates world proletariat day

Cuba is preparing today to celebrate International Workers’ Day with massive rallies and parades, which, as is traditional on the Caribbean island, is a celebration of the national workers’ movement.

In this regard, President Miguel Díaz-Canel called on the social network X to fill the squares across the country with the same spirit of the previous days in which collectives and outstanding workers were recognised.

Likewise, the general secretary of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba, Ulises Guilarte, assured that the anniversary of the world proletariat will take place here with acts and patriotic marches «massive, colourful and full of enthusiasm, but with the least possible expenditure of material resources».

During an appearance on the news programme Mesa Redonda, the also member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba informed that the provinces of Artemisa (west) and Havana will hold rallies, and not parades as is traditional.

He also stressed that the national epicentre of the celebration will be the patriotic stage of the José Martí Anti-imperialist Tribune, which will bring together people from five municipalities in the capital.

He also highlighted the participation in the events of more than a thousand foreign visitors who make up the Cuba solidarity committees from almost 50 countries, present in the Cuban capital for an international meeting of solidarity with the island.

In Cuba, International Workers’ Day was preceded by mobilisations for work to promote the economic development of the nation in a complex context for the island’s workers, the leader of the Cuban workers’ movement stressed.

He mentioned the massive voluntary work in sugar cane fields, in agriculture, in unloading food supplies, in support of investment programmes and in cultural and recreational activities.

This Wednesday, he said, expresses even more strongly the spirit of unity of the Cuban people in the midst of difficult circumstances, due to the harassment of the US government and its policy of economic, financial and commercial siege against Cuba.

He stressed that the CTC in Cuba reached its 85th anniversary last January and that this May 1st «will reaffirm the preponderant role of the trade union movement in promoting development programmes and the updating of the economic model» of the Caribbean island.

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