En este momento estás viendo Díaz-Canel commemorates Julio Antonio Mella’s assassination in Mexico
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Díaz-Canel commemorates Julio Antonio Mella’s assassination in Mexico

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel today commemorated the 95th anniversary of the assassination in Mexico of student leader and communist leader Julio Antonio Mella, an act perpetrated by hitmen of dictator Gerardo Machado (1925-1933).

In his account on X, the Cuban head of state recalled Mella’s epic sentence when he was mortally wounded on this day in 1929 when he was only 20 years old: «I die for the Revolution».

The president also brought up a phrase of the historic leader of the Caribbean island, Fidel Castro, who defined Julio Antonio Mella as «the Cuban who did the most in the shortest time».

Díaz-Canel pointed out that on January 10, 1976, the ashes of the Cuban revolutionary leader were placed at the foot of the beloved University of Havana.

Also the president of the island’s National Assembly (parliament), Esteban Lazo, said on that social network that Cubans pay tribute today to one of their most worthy sons, who is a paradigm for the new generations.

For his part, the Secretary of Organization of the Communist Party of Cuba, Roberto Morales, also expressed in X that the youth leader continues to be an encouraging, exemplary, victorious and invincible banner of the Cuban Socialist Revolution.

In his short existence, Mella deployed an intense political and revolutionary activity that catapulted him into the international arena.

The communist leader defended the vision that true social redemption came with the overthrow of the entire pro-imperialist system prevailing in his homeland and in Latin America.

In his country, he founded the Federation of University Students (FEU) in 1922 and the Communist Party of Cuba in 1925.

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