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Dynamic exchange between Vietnamese and Cuban courts commended

The president of the Supreme People’s Court (TSP) of Cuba, Ruben Remigio Ferro, praised today in Hanoi, the existing dynamic exchange with his Vietnamese counterpart, which he thanked for its support and cooperation in the technological field.

There are similar points in the strategic approaches of both courts, which have to do with the commitment to build a socialist, prosperous, and strengthened homeland under the guidance of the Communist Party and with the clear idea of serving the people, said Remigio Ferro in a meeting with the vice head of the TSP of Vietnam, Pham Quoc Hung.

He also highlighted the deep and valuable exchanges of experiences in the field of justice held by both institutions and recalled the high-level visits made by the TSP of Vietnam to Cuba.

Remigio Ferro, who arrived in this capital last Saturday, pointed out that the purpose of his visit is to take advantage of the experiences at the political, administrative, and academic level of the Supreme People’s Court with a view to its implementation in the Antillean nation.

Quoc Hung referred to the success of the recent organization in Havana of the G-77 and China Summit, which he described as a contribution at the world level, and stressed the top priority that Cuba and Vietnam give to their special relations.

He affirmed that the Indochinese nation will continue to support Cuba and pointed out that the relations between the courts of both countries are long-standing and through them bilateral ties are also strengthened. As part of the work program, Remigio Ferro and his entourage held on Sunday a meeting with the president of the Hai Phong People’s Court, where they also visited the area of historical relics of Bach Dang, declared a National Monument, and other sites of interest.

Remigio Ferro will also visit on Monday the Academy of Courts in the capital, and tomorrow the Hanoi People’s Court, to promote the exchange of working groups and information and experiences in judicial reform.

The strengthening of the cooperative relationship has brought specific and practical benefits to the Vietnamese and Cuban judicial systems, contributing positively to the overall development of each country and further strengthening the traditional relationship of friendly cooperation between the two peoples, the Vietnamese TSP said on its website.

It further recalled the working visit to Vietnam made in August 2019 by the chairman of Cuba’s TSP, during which his counterpart Nguyen Hoa Binh ratified the readiness to boost comprehensive cooperation in all fields, especially the judiciary, to make it deeper, more practical and effective and generate benefits for both countries.

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