En este momento estás viendo Delegate from Majagua receives award at the National Edition of Martiano Studies
Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Delegate from Majagua receives award at the National Edition of Martiano Studies

One of the prizes for artistic creation, plus a special recognition, was awarded to the delegate of the Municipality of Majagua Luis Miguel Ceballos Calvo in the 46th edition of the National Seminar of Martí Studies.

The album my history, my homeland, made with photos and paintings taken from the Cuban Press in which the figure of our National Hero José Martí is emphasized in each of the stages through which Cuba has passed, was the sample that accompanied in his intervention to this member of the National Association of Physically Handicapped (ACLIFIM).

The selection of photos and stitches initiated 20 years ago had the support of teachers, relatives and friends, and was supported by the letters sent to the author by the five heroes imprisoned by the empire and by Marti’s definition: «Heroes are those who fight to make the people free and those who suffer poverty and misfortunes to defend a great truth».

In statements to the Press Ceballos Calvo, argued that participating in the National Martiano Event provided him with unforgettable moments, not only for the stimuli received but also for what he learned, for the people he met and for the sites visited, among them: Martí’s birthplace, The Fidel Museum, The National Center for Martí Studies and the National Library named after the Apostle.

Preparing from now on to participate in the 47th Edition is the purpose of this young man who, having suffered from cerebral palsy at birth, does not prevent him from becoming more interested every day in history and, especially, in the life and work of the most universal of Cubans.

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