En este momento estás viendo Sale of fruit plants begins in Ciego de Ávila
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Sale of fruit plants begins in Ciego de Ávila

An excellent initiative is offered by the Posture Production Brigade of Ceballos Agroindustrial Company, from Ciego de Ávila, to contribute to the food sovereignty that the nation needs.

It is about the possibility of acquiring by quantities, of small papaya, mango and grapefruit plants of excellent quality, to plant in private or state farms.

Few specimens can also be purchased to propagate in patios and small family spaces.

To acquire them plants you can place orders through the telephones 52094381 and 59947290, through which all the necessary information for interested parties is offered.

In addition, the aforementioned fruit postures are marketed in the nursery, located in La Loma de la Carolina and in the Frutávila premises, in the avilanian capital.

It is important to repopulate varieties of fruit for popular consumption, which represents a food option, rich in nutritional values and a temptation for the palate.

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