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Cuba’s Council of State analyzes measures to boost the economy

With the attendance of President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the Council of State (CE) of the Republic of Cuba analyzed the measures to correct distortions and reimpulse its economy in the context that the country is currently experiencing.

At the meeting of the highest body of the Cuban state, headed by its head Esteban Lazo, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero explained details of the political and communicational assurance plan for the decisions adopted.

Marrero informed that they adjusted details in the measures announced last December, related to agriculture and commerce, and are working on the modification of the legal norms of the local development projects, reported the television news the day before.

According to the information, the Head of Government ratified that none of the provisions of the adjustment and economic reactivation plan will enter into force until the conditions for its application exist, and the protection of people in vulnerable situations is guaranteed.

He pointed out that government authorities will keep the population duly informed and will systematically evaluate the impact of each decision, under the principle that no citizen will be left helpless.

For his part, the President of the EC urged to explain this process, which requires the participation of all actors of Cuban society.

Likewise, the also president of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP, Parliament), said that the EC has the responsibility to systematically evaluate the impact of decisions on the population, in accordance with the mandate conferred to that state body by the Magna Carta and national laws.

He emphasized that the People’s Power system must contribute to increase the population’s understanding of the need to implement corrective measures in the Cuban economy that also seek to maintain and strengthen the main achievements of the Revolution.

Speaking at the meeting, the President of the Republic called for turning exceptions into the rule, based on the positive experiences of productive linkages that he observed in his tours around the country.

These positive examples in several municipalities should be generalized throughout the country, said Díaz-Canel.

As part of his agenda, the EC approved the decree law of the National System of Protected Areas that implements measures for the conservation of species, based on biological corridors and a development plan for the Cuban lomerío, known as the Turquino Plan.

Likewise, the body analyzed the fulfillment of agreements derived from the accountability before the ANPP by the Ministry of Communications in December 2022, among other items on the agenda.

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