En este momento estás viendo Massive participation of the Avilanian people in national elections
The people went to the schools to ratify their will/Photos, Damian Betanzos Hernandez

Massive participation of the Avilanian people in national elections

Once again, the Avilanian people more than demonstrated their revolutionary civility by going to the polls en masse and demonstrating this Sunday their unbreakable political unity, which calls not only for patriotic commitment and civic responsibility, but also for virtuous utility.

Due to the behavior of the voters at the polls, it is expected that this central province will once again appear among the top four in the country with the best results in the voting this Sunday, as happened last November during the referendum on the Family Code.

Only the basic part of the provincial capital of Ciego de Ávila, the only municipality with two electoral districts, was 114 thousand 209 voters and some 3 million 382 thousand 992 voters, for 41.66% of the basic electoral register, of 8 million 120 thousand 072 voters in the province before 11:00 am had already voted in a significant percentage.

At the closure of the polling stations, there was no urban or rural community in Ciego de Ávila where the majority of its voters had not exercised their legitimate right to a free, equal, direct and secret vote, in the proportion and according to the procedure determined by the law.

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