En este momento estás viendo Cuban Ana de Armas in the director of The Da Vinci Code’s cast

Cuban Ana de Armas in the director of The Da Vinci Code’s cast

Cuban actress Ana de Armas and American actress Sydney Sweeney, from «Euphoria», today make up a luxury team in the film «Eden, by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, famous for the saga «The Da Vinci Code».

With so many previous successes, it is to be expected that under that baton and the performances of Sweeney and de Armas, the new film will at least be a triumph for the director of «A Beautiful Mind», which gave him the golden statuette in 2001 in four categories (Best Director, Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actress).

According to quever. news, the director of «Thirteen Lives» (2022) will begin shooting his next feature film, a survival thriller that was released last May under the title «Origin Of Species», at the end of November.

De Armas thus joined the cast that in recent months confirmed, in this case, Oscar nominee Vanessa Kirby’s «Pieces of a Woman» and the aforementioned star of «Euphoria» and «White Lotus», Sweeney, almost to close the selection count, the page added.

Kirby and Sweeney will also share scenes with Jude Law and Daniel Bruhl and will be replacements for «Tomb Raider’s» Alicia Vikander and «Fresh’s» Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Also joining the project are «The Lion King,» «Dune» and «Rain Man» composer Hans Zimmer.

The new film is based on a mystery set on a remote island in the Galapagos Islands and shows how far humans can go in the pursuit of happiness.

Howard tells the story 15 years ago since he first visited the Galapagos where the real-life events took place.

According to the producers, the film explores the human condition in unexpected, absurd, funny, sexy, but, above all, thrilling and suspenseful ways.

Production will take place in Queensland, Australia, with a small unit in the Galapagos, the source added.

Howard’s most recent film, the Thai cave rescue thriller «Thirteen Lives,» was also shot in Queensland.

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