En este momento estás viendo Cuba makes progress in strengthening cybersecurity

Cuba makes progress in strengthening cybersecurity

Cuba guarantees today, through legislation and measures, the security of institutions and individuals in the digital environment, said the general director of the Security Office for Computer Networks (OSRI) of the island, Daniel Perea.

This is what the specialist said on national television the day before, regarding the postponement of the update of fuel prices, due to a cybersecurity incident that occurred in the computer systems for their commercialization.

Perea stressed that the Caribbean nation has a regulatory framework that includes the cybersecurity measures to be implemented by the institutions to minimize the risks in case of an attack or contamination by a malicious program.

He also noted that OSRI has a computer incident response team in charge of managing information technology security mishaps.

He mentioned that the island develops cybersecurity workshops to promote a culture on the subject, not only in state institutions, but in all branches of the country, mainly in natural persons.

In another part of his speech, he explained that cybersecurity is the practice of security as such in systems, networks, applications and services.

He detailed that a cybersecurity incident is an event or a series of them, isolated or not, that has the significant possibility of compromising the operations or business of an infrastructure. The attack is when a cybercriminal manages to penetrate, he said.

«The probability of a cybersecurity incident occurring is due to mishandling at the end of the users who use technologies in downloading applications from unofficial sites,» he pointed out.

Perea explained that Cuban Internet users, due to the blockade imposed by the United States, do not have access to many digital sites and must use alternative ways that sometimes expose them to the theft of personal data by cybercriminals.

The OSRI, attached to the Cuban Ministry of Communications, has the mission of executing actions aimed at minimizing the risks of Cuban computer networks, coordinating the management of cybersecurity incidents at the national level and acting as the country’s authority for international relations with related organizations.

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