En este momento estás viendo UNEAC: We denounce a new attack on Cuban culture

UNEAC: We denounce a new attack on Cuban culture

A new attack on Cuban culture has been launched: in paid locations in seven cities in the United States, Europe and Latin America, a film festival sponsored by the so-called Hannah Arendt International Institute of Artivism has proposed to exhibit a little more than a dozen audiovisual productions that seek to rewrite history and falsify the realities of a nation that, in the midst of growing and sustained hostility from U.S. administrations and countless obstacles, defends its inalienable right to sovereignty, self-determination and independence.

Behind these actions move spurious interests, financed by funds, agencies and foundations dependent on Washington and subsidiaries at its service based in South Florida or fully identified with them in other places. Artistic creation is not at the center of the selection, but the media positioning against the Revolution and the presumption of sowing the opinion that such productions are the only possible and attainable trend within the wide conceptual and aesthetic spectrum of the current Cuban audiovisual industry.

It is no coincidence that the dates of this alleged audiovisual event coincide with the new edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, a space of legitimate confluence of the best of the work of filmmakers in the region, which bets on a revolutionary, anti-imperialist cinema, committed to the destinies of the most disadvantaged; and a few days after the successful realization of the meeting The Nation and Emigration, which brought closer than ever before the patriotic ideals of Cubans beyond their places of residence.

From UNEAC we denounce the maneuver orchestrated by those who aspire to undermine the pillars of the nation, while confirming our commitment to the most authentic artistic expressions.

Havana, November 29, 2023

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