En este momento estás viendo Majagua establishes electronic platforms in the commercial sector

Majagua establishes electronic platforms in the commercial sector

The commerce and gastronomy sector in the municipality of Majagua has implemented mobile and zone transfer platforms so that its customers can make payments through mobile devices.

Magdeline Sabón Osoria, director of development at the aforementioned entity, specified that at this time, when the initial training actions for shop assistants, waiters and other workers responsible for the use of electronic commerce are still being carried out, certain advances can be seen.

Said payment option, which has among its objectives to raise the level of efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in public administration, the economy and the quality of life of the people, shows the best results in the sale of construction materials and in some gastronomic centers.

The source itself also specified that the success of the work requires the contribution of all business factors and the general public, taking into account that its generalization is equivalent to a change in social culture.

The first step for people to make use of the benefits of electronic commerce is to install on their mobile devices the platform that said service demands and that offers, among other possibilities, preference in the units they go to purchase regulated or management items. administrative.

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