En este momento estás viendo First photovoltaic panels installed in Majagua to pump water
Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

First photovoltaic panels installed in Majagua to pump water

The Crucero de Campo Hatuey station, which provides services to just over a thousand residents of the América Latina and Barrio Internacional districts, was the first in the municipality of Majagua to install photovoltaic panels to pump water.

Such assembly, in charge of a UEB brigade for the manufacture of solar heaters from the Rensol Company, from Morón, headed by Daney Ruiz Ferrer, is made up of three structures with six panels each, which will come into operation in the next few hours. Hydraulic Resources specialists install the extractor equipment that such work demands.

Miguel Ángel Pérez Marrero, director of Aqueduct and Sewerage in this municipality, reported that there are 13 pumping stations in the avilanian southwest that work with photovoltaic panels, which represents significant electricity savings, when registering that the cost of the the smallest of them amounts to 150 kilowatts per month.

The use of renewable energy in the water service also offers the residents of the places where said system is used, the possibility of having new sources of employment, taking into account that the permanence of the operator in the installation amounts to 24 hours, so it is necessary to establish work shifts.

The remaining photovoltaic panels planned to be installed in the municipality of Majagua correspond to Alturas de Campo Hatuey, Mamonal, Lázaro López, La Julia, La Fidelina, La Gloria, La Victoria, Las Trozas, La Unión, Las Marías, Derramadero and Crucero de guayacanes.

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