En este momento estás viendo Cuba awards friendship medal to Mexican senator Gloria Sanchez
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Cuba awards friendship medal to Mexican senator Gloria Sanchez

Mexican Senator Gloria Sanchez, of unwavering solidarity with Cuba, was awarded today with the Friendship Medal granted by the Council of State and was imposed on her by Ambassador Marcos Rodriguez Costa.

In an emotional ceremony in the Octavio Paz Auditorium of the Senate of the Republic, Rodriguez Costa imposed the decoration on behalf of President Miguel Diaz-Canel and proposed by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

The head of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Mexico said he felt great emotion to participate in an act with the presence of friends who represent the dignified voices of the Mexican people, who with their daily actions, provide enormous support to Cuba, saying no to sanctions and blockades.

He described the honored senator as a close friend of Cuba and recalled that she was the founder in 1974 of the Flores Magón Mella Mexican-Cuban Institute of Cultural Relations in the city of Xalapa, state of Veracruz.

He also delivered a letter of congratulations signed by the president of ICAP, Fernando González, in which he recalled the senator’s participation in the great battles of the Cubans since the founding of the Institute of Cultural Relations.

He mentioned among them the one who fought for the return of the child Elián and the liberation of the five heroes, of which he is part.

He highlighted his firm pronouncements for the sovereignty of Cuba against the unjust blockade imposed by the United States and in favor of the exclusion of the island from the arbitrary list drawn up by Washington of countries allegedly sponsoring terrorism.

He acknowledged his constant activism, which not even the COVID-19 pandemic managed to diminish one iota; on the contrary, his contribution to bilateral relations has made it possible to promote exchanges between our peoples, achieving the expansion of important links in different sectors.

As Senator of the Republic, she has presented motions in favor of Cuba and condemned the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States.

Her support has led to the presence of Cuban delegations in National Meetings of the Mexican Movement of Solidarity with the Cuban people.

It also recognizes the impulse it is providing to achieve the realization of the IX Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and the first face-to-face meeting of the Continental Network of Solidarity with Cuba and Just Causes in the first half of 2025 in Mexico, a brother country.

The honoree thanked the deference of the Council of State, President Diaz-Canel, ICAP, and Fernando Gonzalez, who granted her the Friendship Medal.

She reiterated her will to continue denouncing and demanding the end of the criminal U.S. economic, commercial, and financial blockade that causes so much damage to Cubans and is the main cause of the problems the island is going through.

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