En este momento estás viendo Washington hegemony doomed to failure, says Lavrov

Washington hegemony doomed to failure, says Lavrov

Washington’s course to maintain its hegemony in the world is doomed to failure, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said today during his speech at the Primakov Readings forum.

«The US ruling elite still blindly believes in the illusory American exceptionalism, their hegemony will undoubtedly fail, even if they are one of the world centres,» Lavrov said.

The foreign minister made it clear that Russia is only interested in one thing: «eliminating threats to its security from the West».

The tenth Primakov Lectures International Forum began on Tuesday at the Moscow Business Centre with the participation of about a thousand representatives of political spheres, the scientific community, businessmen and experts from about 30 countries, including China, the United States, Switzerland, Belgium and others.

According to organisers, the debate will focus on discussions about Russia in the global context and the revival of its economy in the face of Western pressures.

«The West miscalculated its ability to isolate our economy. Sanctions against Russia only strengthen ties between the countries of the Global South, Brics. We have the feeling that Western experts have less and less understanding of the Russian reality,» said Alexander Dynkin, vice-chairman of the Forum’s organising committee.

Discussions at the Anniversary Forum will analyse the role of the Brics group in shaping a new global economic architecture, the vectors of interaction between the countries of Greater Eurasia, the polycentric nature of the emerging world order in the strategic-military sphere, as well as the impact of the modernity crisis on the future contours of European security, among other issues.

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