En este momento estás viendo China to enforce International Court of Justice order on Gaza

China to enforce International Court of Justice order on Gaza

China today urged the effective implementation of the interim measures issued by the International Court of Justice regarding the conflict in Gaza.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Beijing expects the prompt implementation of these actions aimed at protecting civilians, de-escalating the situation in the region and alleviating the humanitarian crisis in the enclave.

«We condemn all acts of harm to civilians, oppose any violation of international law and urge all parties to the conflict to immediately and completely stop the fighting, respect international humanitarian law and prevent a larger-scale humanitarian catastrophe,» he added.

On the situation in the Gaza Strip, in addition to calling for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in the enclave, Beijing calls for the effective implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.

For China, any future agreement must adhere to the principle of «Palestinian rule by Palestinians,» internal Palestinian reconciliation and a peace treaty based on the two-state solution.

Last week the International Court of Justice avoided ordering a ceasefire in Gaza in its ruling on a South African indictment against Israel for its actions against the Palestinian people.

However, it ordered Israel not to commit genocide in its military operation and to allow humanitarian aid into the Strip.

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