En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Avila breathes in Cuban baseball playoffs
Marrero was immense from the box/Photo: ACN

Ciego de Avila breathes in Cuban baseball playoffs

Ciego de Avila took advantage of the stay at its José Ramón Cepero stadium and defeated Las Tunas by a super knockout 16-1 to open its winning record in the quarter-final playoff of the LXIII National Baseball Series.

After falling twice as visitors in the «enchanted forest» of the Leñadores, the felines of Olympian Dany Miranda deployed a cruel attack of 17 hits to scare away their rivals and show that they are still alive in the post-season.

From the very first chapter, when they dynamited the mound of rookie Leandro Cañada, they took an unassailable lead and did not stop until the reigning national champions took the white flag in the fifth chapter when they conceded nine runs.

The offensive standouts were Ronaldo Castillo, who hit 4-3 with a home run and a pair of runs, Liosvany Pérez, 4-4 with a pair of doubles and three RBIs, and Héctor Labrada, 4-2, also with a trio of RBIs.

In the midst of the bombardment, where five opposing pitchers paraded, Luis Alberto Marrero kept silent the lumber of erratic opponents who committed four errors in the field.

The right-hander walked the entire route and although he allowed six hits and gave away a couple of tickets, he managed to accept just one run on a single by Roberto Baldoquín.

Tomorrow these two teams, also in the afternoon, will play the fourth game of this best-of-seven duel at the same venue in Ciego de Avila.

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