En este momento estás viendo New triumphs for Team CTC Ciego de Ávila
Avilanian workers and union members mobilized towards agricultural work this Sunday, in honor of Rural Women's Day, celebrated every October 15. Photo: Mariset Hernández Rodríguez

New triumphs for Team CTC Ciego de Ávila

The collective wins three consecutive victories in the last few days in the actions of the Latir Avileño movement

With the completion of voluntary work this Sunday to support the food production program, the team known on social networks as Team CTC Ciego de Ávila, from the central Cuban province of the same name, completed three consecutive victories in the last few hours.

The victory on Sunday was in the planting of sweet potato vines in areas of the El Mambí Base Business Unit, in honor of Rural Women’s Day, which was commemorated this October 15.

This mobilization included the participation of workers from different workplaces and was led by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party; Niurka Ferrer Castillo, general secretary of the CTC in the territory of Avila and other leaders.

Another award went to the Provincial History Workshop of the union movement, in which Sulema Véliz Pina, Yuniel Espinosa Reyes, Yanara Quintero León and Ernesto Marrero Vega achieved recognition, who highlighted in their presentations the prominence of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and the workers in the construction of Socialism in Cuba, Che’s interest in the development of communications and a compendium of phrases from the Hero of he Guerrilla.

The other conquest was the title of champion of zone Three, by the team from the Ávila-based Sugar Agroindustrial Company Primero de Enero, by winning 6 races to 3 against its counterpart from the Camagüeyan entity Ignacio Agramonte, in the 41st edition of the League Baseball Sugar Mill, a success that had the contribution of the administrative and union leadership of that sector in Ciego de Ávila.

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