En este momento estás viendo Avileño Delis takes the silver medal
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Avileño Delis takes the silver medal

In spite of offering a bout worthy of a final, the boxer Rogerlandy Delís could not beat the world runner-up Erislandy Álvarez and won the silver medal in the 63 kg division at the Playa Girón national boxing championship, which closed its curtains this Sunday at the Yayabo multipurpose hall in Sancti Spíritus.

Delis made his fight from long distance and managed to hit the anatomy of the Cienfuegos native on several occasions, but it was not enough before the thrust of Alvarez.

With this result, the avileño improves his historical performance in these competitions, since his best result had been a bronze metal in the 2022 edition.

There is no doubt that the southpaw Rogerlandy Delis has the talent and youth to continue growing as a boxer, and in him will be placed the greatest hopes of the pugilism of Piñera in the medium term.

Among the highlights of the event was Julio César La Cruz’s 13th crown, which equals the legendary Félix Savón, with the most titles in Playa Girón tournaments.

By provinces, Sancti Spíritus added 37 units and destroyed the dominance of Camagüey, third with 29, as it was also ahead of Cienfuegos (36).

Results of the Final

48 kg: Danny Suárez (CFG) 3-2 to Frank Cleger (SSP)

52 kg: Giovis Salfrán (GTM) 3-2 to Alejandro Claro (SSP)

57 kg: Saidel Horta (CFG) 5-0 Yosbany Veitía (SSP)

60 kg: Rafael Joubert (GTM) 4-1 to Darielqui Palmero (SSP)

63 kg: Erislandy Alvarez (CFG) 5-0 Rogerlandy Delís (CAV)

69 kg: Yusnier Sorzano (CMG) 4-1 to Adrián Licea (SSP)

75 kg: Jorge Cuellar (SSP) 5-0 Fernando Cabrera (CFG)

81 kg: Arlen Lopez (CMG) 5-0 to Jorge Soto (HOL)

86 kg: Nelson Willians (CMG) 4-1 to Xavier Fernandez (GTM)

92 kg: Julio César La Cruz (CMG) 5-0 to Freddy Pérez (SCU)

+92 kg: Adonis Iznaga (SSP) RSCI-1 to Fernando Arzola (SCU)


Most technical: Arlen Lopez (GTM)

Most Combative: Jorge Cuellar (CMG)

Best Fight: Saidel Horta (CFG)-Yosbany Veitía (SSP)

Best Coach: Justo Díaz (SSP)

Best referee-judge: José Sánchez (CFG)

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