En este momento estás viendo Residents of a community in Ciego de Avila respond to the call «Cultiva tu pedacito».
José Antonio Echemendía Torés and his grandson Alexis, grow cucumbers, beans, okra, tomatoes and garlic/Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

Residents of a community in Ciego de Avila respond to the call «Cultiva tu pedacito».

The massive integration of the neighbors of the locality of Orlando Gonzalez in the municipality of Majagua to cultivate their little piece made possible the declaration of 84 patios on the 65th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

An example of this is Ariel Téllez Mayedo, custodian of the educational sector, who dedicates most of his time off to work in the areas surrounding his house where, among other crops, cassava, beans and bananas are grown, all for family consumption, for neighbors and to contribute to the collection.

Also in district 30, one can appreciate the dedication of his constituent José Antonio Echemendía Torés, who, in a sewer, without worrying that the waters may at some point wash away his crops and with the help of his grandson Alexis, grows cucumbers, beans, okra, tomatoes and garlic.

In the case of husband and wife Marilis Morales and Mario Torres, from district 34, in their eagerness to produce food in the community environment, they took on the task of decompacting the old fuel tank that used to exist there and preparing the land that they are already producing.

Meanwhile, María León fully enjoys her boniatal and her well-bearing fruit bomb bush, while Carlos Serrano Beune relives his grandfather’s experiences in the cultivation of vegetables and malanga.

Florisdenia Rodríguez Borroto, president of this Popular Council, regarding the cultivation of the land said: «Here you can see that in our demarcation from the youngest to the most adult have planted their little piece, which contributes to the needs of the population, when the production is distributed through donations, to the medical post, grandparents’ house and educational centers.

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