En este momento estás viendo Avilanian railway workers ratify efficiency (+ Photos)
Despite the limitations of material resources in 2022, the workers of Ferroazuc Ciro Redondo maintained their tradition of economic efficiency. Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Avilanian railway workers ratify efficiency (+ Photos)

The achievement became a commitment in the provincial act of homage to the workers of this sector in Ciego de Ávila

Keeping the largest amount of equipment rolling on rails to reduce the time lost in the production of sugar during the present harvest in the Ciego de Ávila sugar mills, was one of the main commitments in the provincial act for the Day of the Railway Worker, in Ciego de Ávila.

The celebration was held at the Ciro Redondo Ferroazuc Base Business Unit, where its director, engineer Juan Luis Mora Tamayo, informed the press that in order to efficiently guarantee the transfer of 1,566 tons of cane daily to the factories in Ciego de Ávila, exceeded with quality the repair plan for locomotives and haulage equipment that today maintains an optimal coefficient of technical availability.

«Even if a break occurs, we have the reserve locomotive to solve the problem immediately,» stressed the manager and exemplified that «in the case of the cage cars that move the cane, the patent metal used in the bearings did not reach

time for the enlistment of these means, and what we receive is of poor quality, but we have given a solution in our workshops ».

In this sense, José Antonio Rodríguez Fernández, deputy technical director of the entity, highlighted that the high innovative spirit of the group made possible the recovery of hydraulic transmissions of locomotives and pairs of wheels of sugarcane cage cars, among other parts and pieces.

“We recovered the 1003 diesel machine that had been paralyzed for years and currently provides services at the Ecuador mill refinery.

«We have a locomotive in the Morón-Camagüey passenger train, and others in the movement of aggregates and plaster, as well as we have supported the sugar harvest in Sancti Spiritus and Villa Clara.

The Ferroazuc Ciro Redondo collective, the best unit of its kind in the country, ratified its commitment to maintain efficiency in defense of the 2023 economic plan, which has the strength of having reached more income than expenses in the last annual stage, profits above 27 million pesos and a contribution to the local development program of more than half a million pesos, among other achievements, with which it aspires to achieve the status of National Vanguard center of the Union of Transport and Port Workers.

Juan Luis Mora Tamayo, a railway transport exploitation engineer, was one of those decorated in his own center as director, venue of the provincial act for Railway Worker’s Day in Ciego de Ávila. Photo: Dallani Carmenate Aguilera
The difficulties are on track here with the intelligence of our innovators, said José Antonio. Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

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