En este momento estás viendo Tourism in Ciego de Avila for more quality and efficiency
"We have a high commitment to efficiency and quality in the attention to tourists and to our workers with the integral operation from the union sections," emphasized Alexis Veloso Bermúdez, secretary general of the SNTHT in Ciego de Avila. Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Tourism in Ciego de Avila for more quality and efficiency

The National Union of Hotel and Tourism Workers (SNTHT) will celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Revolution with the commitment to contribute to the quality of the services provided during the current tourist season in the Jardines del Rey destination, said Alexis Veloso Bermudez, secretary general of this organization that groups more than 10,000 workers in the province of Ciego de Avila.

The leader pointed out that the new year will be decisive in the integral operation, since the process of the Third National Conference of the Union and the celebration of the International Tourism Fair FitCuba 2024 in the Avila pole will be carried out from the union sections.

He also mentioned among the main tasks the assemblies of presentation of the plan of the economy and the budget, from whose previous meetings remain unresolved concerns such as the improvement of the salary, the stable assurance of the uniform and the means of personal protection.

Another concern is the payment assumed by the workers for material responsibility, due sometimes to the loss of utensils in the hotels, a matter in which it has been possible to reduce the amount, but today the increase in the prices of all kinds of resources aggravates the situation.

Veloso Bermúdez emphasized that at the beginning of a new stage of work, the Avileño workers of the tourist sector identify as the main problem the transportation of the personnel to the keys Coco, Guillermo and Paredón Grande, which is affected by the low Technical Availability Coefficient of the bus fleet of the transportation company TRANSMETRO, which is fundamentally limited due to the lack of spare parts.

«It has been vital in the preparation stage of the present winter tourist season to ensure the security of the work force, with which we are working on the training and the completion of the basic specialties for the new openings of hotel facilities, mainly in Paredón key», Veloso emphasized.

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