Avilanian hospitals guarantee differentiated care for dengue fever

Photo: Antonio Luaces Hospital Facebook profile

All Avilanian hospitals have guaranteed differential consultations for fever cases, including an Interdisciplinary Evaluation Commission to classify each case.

This was informed by Dr. Ariel Noa Arias, Head of the Hospitals Section of the Provincial Health Directorate in Ciego de Ávila, who also referred to the Conventional Rooms for dengue, which are equipped with more than 90 beds.

Under the new arbovirosis care protocol, children, pregnant women and puerperal women must be admitted, as well as patients with associated chronic diseases in order to avoid complications during the evolution of dengue.

All hospitals in Ciego de Ávila have three wards for arbovirosis: one for conventional care with attention every 8 hours, another for intensive surveillance with care every 4 hours, and a third for intensive care, where the patient is monitored every one or two hours.

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