En este momento estás viendo Young Communist League calls for a mobilization on Thursday in favor of Palestine

Young Communist League calls for a mobilization on Thursday in favor of Palestine

The Young Communist Youth Union called this Monday for a massive march in Cuba’s capital, Havana, to promote solidarity, humanism, and peace in favor of Palestine. The organization has invited the youth and the people, in general, to join in this show of support and commitment to «peace, children, and life.»

The demonstration, scheduled for next Thursday, seeks to highlight the need for peace in Palestine and to emphasize the importance of protecting the rights of children and preserving life in all its forms. Havana’s G Street will become the stage for this collective expression of solidarity and hope.

University chair issues statement against genocide in Gaza

From José Martí we learned that to see a crime in calm is to commit it. That is why the «Felix Varela» Chair of Scientific Culture of the University of Havana joins its voice of denunciation to the worldwide clamor of condemnation of the genocide committed by the Zionist regime of Israel against the heroic and suffering Palestinian people in Gaza.

Almost two centuries ago, one of the founders of the Cuban nation, the presbyter Felix Varela, affirmed that some use political masks to hide their true intentions and that «the surest way to know these masked ones is to observe their behavior»[1]. Thus, with its unconditional support for the barbarity of the Israeli army against the Palestinian people in Gaza, the US government has definitively removed its political mask in the face of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has lasted more than seven decades. The facts have shown who are the haters and destroyers, those who massacre people with impunity.

Neither the evidence of more than 11,000 defenseless Palestinians dead for several weeks, many of them children, nor the destruction of their homes, hospitals, and schools, nor the worldwide clamor condemning the unjust crime, have been enough for the UN Security Council to adopt an agreement condemning the colossal Israeli military aggression in the Gaza Strip, because the U.S. government imposes its permanent veto on any agreement that goes against its interests and those of the Israeli government.

On the other hand, with Fidel, we learned that solidarity is not a slogan, but a feeling, a principle, and a banner of struggle.

In Gaza, not only is a battle being waged against the Yankee-Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people but also for all humanity, for the right to life of all peoples.

This genocide did not begin a month ago, it has been going on for more than 75 years of unpunished crime against a people with the right to have their land, the one agreed upon by the UN in 1967, with its capital in East Jerusalem. The only sustainable solution is to give them the right that history and their heroism have given them.

Let this statement serve as one more voice in the world to add to the clamor for an end to the genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

End the genocide against the Palestinian people!

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