En este momento estás viendo Winners of the Science and Technology Forum awarded at Ciego de Avila hospital

Winners of the Science and Technology Forum awarded at Ciego de Avila hospital

The Science and Technology Forum 2023 of the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola General Teaching Hospital in the city of Ciego de Avila concluded with the awarding of prizes for the best works.

The event was held as part of the «La Salud Avileña Tiene Corazón» (Avileña’s Health Has a Heart) day and 93 research papers were presented.

In the clinical specialties group, the work entitled «Heberferon in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma located in zone H of the face», by Doctor in Sciences Dunia Sotolongo Díaz, and doctors Laura Rivero Guillén, Mayelín Figueroa García and Odalis Perdomo Rosales, deserved the relevant condition.

The «Quality of oncogeriatric patient care in the provincial oncology service of Ciego de Avila», by doctors José Manuel González Cendán, Daimarys González Pino, Miguel Ranero Guardarrama and Debie Sinal Montalvo, was awarded as outstanding.

The jury of the forum awarded two mentions to the following works

«Communicative competences of the professionals of the Urology service», by Dr. Libet Sánchez Alfaro, with Mirna Riol Hernández as tutor, and «The professional improvement of the specialist in gastroenterology for the attention to academic writing» by the Master in Sciences Yelec Estrada Guerra, Yuleysi Zamora Viera, Yaymí Rodríguez Luis and Yordán Leiva Guerra, with the tutorial advice of Dr. Martha Ávila Rodríguez and Dr. Olga Alfonso Pérez.

The work that deserved the relevant award within the surgical specialties was «Refractive amblyopia in pediatric keratoconus», by an authorial group integrated by doctors Karyna Castro Cárdenas, Yaney Zayas Ribalta, Daniel Yulius Mayea Díaz, Linette Martínez Cereijo and Maikel Roque Morgado.

And the following were declared as outstanding: «Characterization of patients with urinary lithiasis treated with endourological procedures», by Dr. Diannelis Pelegrín Bejarano and also the work «Ultrasonographic clinical correlation of deep venous thrombosis of the lower limbs», by doctors Glenda Reyes Almeida and Pedro Alexis Alfonso Cabrera and the student of Medical Sciences Kevin Macías de Armas.

Research activity is a constant in Avila’s medicine in order to raise the scientific level of its professionals and provide a better service to the population.

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