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Venezuela: seven transformations to advance integral development

President Nicolás Maduro announced seven transformations that Venezuela needs today to advance its development in a comprehensive manner and turn the country into a power by 2030.

In his report and account message to the nation last year before the National Assembly, he explained that this strategy includes the economy, politics, social issues, the environment, peace and security, geopolitics and others.

Maduro pointed out that the lines of work must be incorporated to the national debate and developed as a team, to then assume them as a great national agreement that will lead in the coming years to have a recovered, prosperous country, with social welfare and equality.

He explained that the initiative is based on the five national consensuses created from the five great objectives of the Plan of the Homeland or Economic and Social Development Plan, created by Commander Hugo Chávez (1954-2013).

The President stated that the first transformation is aimed at the economy in order to modernize all methods and techniques for the production of national wealth and lead to the consolidation of economic diversification to create a new export model.

The second is related to full independence, with the objective of «updating and expanding» the Bolivarian doctrine in its political, scientific, cultural, educational and technological dimensions, which implies a new Venezuela in science, technology and culture.

Another proposal seeks to perfect the model of citizen coexistence, guarantee of justice, enjoyment of human rights and safeguard of social and territorial peace, which includes the defense and development of Essequiba Guyana.

A fourth transformation seeks to totally modify the humanist protection model, to accelerate the recovery of the welfare state, as well as its missions and great missions and to strengthen «the values of Venezuelan socialism».

The fifth proposal is centered on politics, which he considered indispensable to consolidate direct democracy, with republican ethics.

He also mentioned the one related to the environment or ecology, which involves confronting the climate crisis, raising awareness and protecting the people from the environmental impact, protecting the Amazon and natural reserves from capitalist voracity.

A last transformation encompasses geopolitics, which proposes the insertion and leadership of Venezuela in the new world configuration and as part of this «we propose to rebuild Latin American and Caribbean integration», and to strengthen the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

Also, he pointed out, to contribute to the birth of a multipolar and pluricentric world.

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