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Venezuela has asked the United Kingdom to invoke the Argyle statement

Executive Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez expressed that the United Kingdom has the obligation to abide by the Argyle Declaration, agreed on December 20 between Presidents Nicolás Maduro, of Venezuela, and Irfaan Alí, of Guyana, it was reported today.
In a message published last night on her X account, formerly Twitter, the vice-president recalled that this document expressly excludes «external threats that seek to sow or escalate a conflict» between the two neighboring countries.

Venezuela «repudiates and rejects» the interference of the United Kingdom in the territorial dispute over the Essequiba Guiana, she stressed.

The also Minister of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade affirmed that the British should remember that «they forged the fraudulent award of 1899 to steal the Essequibo», whose only historical owner has been and will continue to be the Bolivarian Republic.

They should also remember that they are signatories to the Geneva Agreement of 1966, he added.

Rodriguez assured that «their threatening behavior» against our country and the peace of the region will have the «timely and legitimate response» of Venezuela.

More than two centuries ago we decided for independence and «we will not accept any kind of neo-colonialism» Venezuela respects itself!!!, he remarked.

The Bolivarian Foreign Ministry categorically rejected yesterday in a communiqué the arrival of the British Navy ship HMS Trent to the coasts of Guyana.

This action becomes an «act of hostile provocation and a violation of the recent Argyle declaration», assumed as a road map to address the territorial controversy over the Essequiba Guyana between Caracas and Georgetown, it indicated.

The note considered the presence of the military vessel as «extremely serious», since it is accompanied by declarations on the part of political and military spokesmen of «who served as dispossessor» of the Essequiba Guiana, which insists on interfering in said controversy.

These declarations have also been synchronized with actions of the US Southern Command, which clearly becomes a «direct threat to the peace and stability of the region», he pointed out.

The text urged the Guyanese authorities to take «immediate action» for the withdrawal of the vessel HMS Trent, and to refrain from continuing to involve military powers in the territorial dispute.

It warned the members of the Caribbean Community and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States that these actions «are contrary to the spirit of peace and understanding» with which we attended the December 14 meeting in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Maduro and Ali committed themselves in the Argyle declaration to the pursuit of good neighborliness, peaceful coexistence, the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean, and that any dispute between States will be resolved in accordance with International Law, including the Geneva Agreement of 1966.

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