En este momento estás viendo Vehicle homologation process continues in Ciego de Avila
Interested parties must register on the website (https://vap.transnet.cu/) within 60 days/Photo: Courtesy of Dirección Provincial de Transporte

Vehicle homologation process continues in Ciego de Avila

With the implementation of Resolution 95/2024 of the Ministry of Transport, the process of homologation of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, assembled from parts and pieces, which for certain reasons did not do so as of Resolution 200/2021, continues in Ciego de Ávila.

Olga Gener Pérez, Transport delegate in this province, told Radio Surco that the process is aimed at the exceptional registration in the offices of the National Department of Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License of the Ministry of the Interior.

The official explained that those interested must register in the census on the website Vehículos armados por partes y piezas (https://vap.transnet.cu/) within 60 days.

Among the essential data are the permanent identity number of the owner; the volume and folio of the birth registration, and the class and model of the motor vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer.

Also requested are the predominant and secondary colour; the engine number and the number of the bodywork or motorbike frame, if any, and the type of fuel or other renewable source of energy used.

He further noted that a side photo of the vehicle must be submitted from the driver’s position (in the case of motorbikes, where the chain guard is located), and telephone numbers and an email address must be provided for their location.

When the owner of the means of transport is unable to register in the census because he/she is abroad, the person legally representing him/her can formalise the registration. In this regard, he said that each owner can register a motor vehicle with a trailer or semi-trailer, assembled in parts and pieces.

The Transport delegate in Ciego de Avila concluded that, after correctly filling in the requested data, the website automatically provides the file number that corresponds to the applicant in this process.

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