En este momento estás viendo United States seeks to stifle Cuban sovereignty project

United States seeks to stifle Cuban sovereignty project

By Manuel Guerra*

Contributor to Prensa Latina

*Peruvian political leader and writer.


Cuba continues to suffer the U.S. offensive that seeks to stifle the independent, sovereign and socialist project initiated with the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

What U.S. imperialism could not do through armed interventionism, it intends to achieve with the economic, commercial and financial blockade and with the isolation and discrediting of Cuba, labeling it as a country that sponsors terrorism.

Both measures are aimed at asphyxiating Cuba, impeding its development and the wellbeing of its population, and promoting social discontent; all of this accompanied by a perverse media campaign.

Recently, the United States announced the withdrawal of Cuba from the list of countries that do not fully cooperate with the fight against terrorism, which can be erroneously interpreted as the withdrawal of that country from the list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

Keeping Cuba on the list of sponsors of terrorism affects the access of the Caribbean country to the realization of important financial, economic and commercial operations, thus aggravating the blockade against Cuba which Peru and the other Latin American and Caribbean countries reject.

The right thing to do is to remove Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. Everyone knows that Cuba stands out as one of the most supportive nations in the world, in spite of the economic difficulties it is going through.

Peru will always recognize this country for its support and solidarity in times of great difficulties, such as the disasters caused by the earthquakes in Huaraz (1970) and Ica (2007).

Contrary to Yankee propaganda, Cuba, instead of being a sponsor, is a victim of terrorism coming from the United States. Not only of the inhuman blockade, but also of violent actions affecting the civilian population.

Among these terrorist actions are attacks against crops, assassination attempts, attacks on civil aviation and other crimes that are carried out in a permanent, cynical and unpunished manner.

The United States ignores the worldwide demand that this policy of aggression and interference in the internal affairs of U.S. imperialism towards Cuba cease.

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