En este momento estás viendo UN group calls for Cuba to be removed from illegal US list

UN group calls for Cuba to be removed from illegal US list

The Group of Friends in Defence of the United Nations Charter today called on the US government to exclude Cuba from the one-sided list of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism.

This was stated in a notification from the island’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which specifies that the Group formalised the request on Wednesday by means of a special communiqué.

According to the foreign ministry, the text denounces the fact that the inclusion of Cuba on the list significantly reinforces the damage of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed against the Caribbean nation by the US governments.

It also reaffirms its solidarity with the Cuban people and government and urges the US administration to «immediately and unconditionally lift the blockade», in accordance with the resolutions adopted on the matter by the UN General Assembly.

The Member States also reiterated their categorical rejection of unilateral measures, including those applied as instruments of political or economic pressure against any country.

The Group was founded in 2021 and has the primary objective of protecting and promoting the fundamental principles set out in the UN Charter.

It is the result of an initiative by Venezuela, working closely with Bolivia, China, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, Syria and Russia, and is composed of 18 UN members.

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