En este momento estás viendo UN General Assembly approves peacebuilding funds

UN General Assembly approves peacebuilding funds

The establishment of a special account for the peacebuilding fund by the UN General Assembly today redoubles the body’s efforts to achieve this goal.

At its most recent session, the forum also gave the green light to nearly $50 million in additional funding for decisions taken by the Human Rights Council by 2024.

The creation of the peacebuilding account next year will represent an additional modality for financing these efforts at a time considered critical due to the expansion of conflicts.

The fund is the main instrument of the United Nations to invest in prevention efforts and supports joint responses to address opportunities aimed at that achievement, connecting the development, humanitarian and human rights pillars.

In total, the General Assembly approved a budget of US$3.59 billion for the United Nations for 2024, slightly more than the US$3.3 billion proposed earlier by Secretary-General António Guterres.

In October, the UN’s top official reminded delegates that «the role of the UN has never been more vital.»

Guterres expressed his concern over the deteriorating cash flow situation of the Organization, urging countries to ensure timely and full payments.

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